“Trapped in Paradise Again” by artist Greg Dillard is truly “Music For The Road to Paradise.” – Harry Teaford (Radio A1A)

{Trapped In Paradise Again} “Some songs on the album have more of a pop feel, while others sound more country. A laid-back, beachy feel ties the whole album together.” – Sheena Barnett (The Daily Journal)

“Trapped in Paradise Again”, Greg Dillard’s first solo CD, should be in your musical collection. The high degree of talent and professionalism places it above the level of other male Trop artists’ releases for 2013. The music and lyrics will do what they’re supposed to. You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, having the vacation of your life.” Don Winfield (The Shore)

“This album has a definite island vibe to it, mixing Reggae, Latin, and other various Caribbean influences, mixed with classic R & B, Country, and Pop.” (CD Universe)

“Greg Dillard’s debut album ‘Trapped In Paradise Again’ is an instant hit. Trop Rock/Country/Americana or however you decide to label it, you must get your hands on it. There’s no point in speculating whether its success will be based on its quality; what we have here is a case of widespread crowd pleasurability, which the album has in slabs.” John Helms III (Salty Soul)

{A Better Life} “The songs are a blend of many styles and offer a rather unique blend. This CD is extremely well crafted and has a lot of attention to detail.” Todd Alexander (Phlocker’s Magazine)

{A Better Life} “There’s not a clinker in the batch. The writing is excellent, the musical arrangements and execution are amazing. Your musicians have to be top-notch because musically it’s one of the best CDs I’ve heard this year. Of course, your voice is a large part of the formula, The boy can sing a lick, for sure.” Don Winfield (The Shore)


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